Saturday, 2 July 2016

Reason Of Using Melanotan & How It Works

Is it worth it Using Melanotan?

Many bodybuilders around the world have at one time or another heard of the tan magic compound called Melanotan. Well, it should be stated from the onset that this is no drug and it is by far not a magical compound. At best, this should be defined as a kind of protein. It is formed by combining several amino acids. This makes it fall under the peptide family. 

 Melanotan was discovered in the USA by a group of researchers. The studies were not conclusive and still aren’t. That is why Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, based in Australia, are hard at work to establish just what benefits this peptide has for the human race. At the beginning, it was intended to help people get a cure for skin cancer. Even though it has not yet been seen how the Melanotan can directly cure the skin cancer, it can be said that t is one of the alternatives that people use to avoid getting the disease.

How it works?

Melanotan is classified into two; the afamelanotide and the M2. The former version acts as an analog to the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland. The resulting effects include the body making more melanin, which is responsible for the skin and hair color. It is also responsible for libido and can have the side effect of loss of appetite among others. Compared to the naturally occurring peptide, this is a more effective compound and is preferred because it has a longer half-life.; normally of anything between 30 and 60 minutes.

On the other hand, the Melanotan II is a peptide just like the afamelanotide. However, the molecular formula for the M2 is C50H69N15O9. This effectively means that this chain of amino acids is shorter. In terms of reactions, it means that M2 is more susceptible to binding with more receptors than the afamelanotide. This then means that the results witnessed under this peptide are wider and so are the side effects.

Bearing in mind that the amino chains of the afamelanotide are longer than those of the M2, the amount of dosage required will definitely be higher than that of M2. In order to get a good skin tan, you will need about 5 vials (50mgs) if your skin is very light. At the same time, you will hardly need to use 1mg of M2 per dose to gain the same results. 


Many bodybuilders around the world know only too well that for them to have an edge in any competition, they need to have the right skin tone. Such a well-toned tan can be obtained by basking in the sun, but as research has conclusively shown, excessive exposure to the UV rays can cause skin cancer. This brings forth the idea of Melanotan. While it still remains a mystery as to what exactly this peptide can do in the medical world given that it is still being researched, bodybuilders can rest assured that the pros of using it far exceed the cons.

Why Melanotan is necessary for bodybuilder

Millions of people are looking for a way to get a good the tan. In earlier years when the research hadn’t shown that sun rays contain harmful UV rays, people used to lie in the tanning beds in the beaches for days. Researchers discovered that exposing yourself to the sun rays can cause skin cancer and other ailments. This puts people in a catch-22 situation since they knew that the sun gives the much-yearned tan yet it is the same body that emitted the harmful UV rays. This gave rise to the need of using the Melanotan peptide.

Melanotan is a synthetic analog of the    alpha-melanocyte stimulation  hormone a-MSH. This hormone is used for various purposes, among them improving the skin and the hair color as well as for aphrodisiac reasons. Since the discovery of the Melanotan by a group of researchers from the University of Arizona, a lot of people are joining the bandwagon of using this compound for a whole wide range of reasons.

The benefits that a bodybuilder gets from using it

It is probably your aim as a bodybuilder to want to lose some body fat. Well, Melanotan is well documented to being a good agent to help you lose appetite. When you lose your appetite and engage your body in physical exercise, your body will metabolize the excess fat, hence making you becoming less chubby and more masculine.

You will get a fast tan when you start using this peptide. Irrespective of whether you use the mild afamelanotide or the M2, you will gain a good tan within a short time. However, you need to note that Melanotan II, which happens to the popular version is by far very effective than the former version. You will get immaculate results when you bask in the sun after you get the injections.

People are today busier than ever before. You will find that sparing two hours to bask in the sun is almost an impossible task even when your bodybuilding depends on it. With the Melanotan, you will not need hours per day to get a tan; all you need are about ten minutes a day in the sun in order to have that golden tan.

There is an increased sex drive when you take Melanotan especially M2. In fact, this peptide is used by medical experts to help men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). It can also be used by couples who have a low sex drive. An increasing number of research findings indicate that improved sex contributes to a person being happy. In short, this means that a bodybuilder will be happier.

Bodybuilding is not so much a sport of masculinity than an aesthetic show: The darker the skin of a bodybuilder, the better their chance of winning in a competition. It is little wonder that bodybuilders all over the world are looking for Melanotan to help them get a tan, which will eventually help them have an edge in their professional lives.

The Different Types of Melanotan

A group of scientists from the University of Arizona, led by Victor J. Hruby is recognized as discoverers of Melanotan.  In the 1980s, this group worked on experiments to try and look into a    simple, fast and effective way to cure skin cancer.  Well, they came up with the first type which now goes by the name afamelanotide. Later on,  they worked on to discover the second type which they christened M2. 

Melanotan can be defined as a chain of molecules. It is a synthetic analogue of a naturally occurring peptide called alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. Afamelanotide has a molecular formula of C78H111N21O19, while the Melanotan II (M2) formula is C50H69N15O9. Consequently, this means that the M2 has a shorter formula which then means that it is more susceptible to reacting with more molecules than afamelanotide. It is for this reason that M2 is seen to have more side effects.

Melanotan I or Afamelanotide

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals in Australia is the firm that solely conducts the official testing and experimentation of the effects of the hormone. Over the years, numerous experiments have been conducted and this has led to the discovery that the afamelanotide gives one a tan in their skin. The main difference between the two analogs is  the side effects which each carry.

It is worthwhile noting the afamelanotide is closely identical to the naturally occurring alpha-melanocyte  stimulating hormone. It is a natural agonist  of the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC-1R).  This hormone is normally found in melanocyte cells and is primarily responsible for the skin and hair pigmentation.  

Melanotan II

This is formed when fewer amino acids than in the afamelanotide come together. Because the chains being shorter, the Melanotan becomes an agonist to a wider range of receptors hence making it has more reactions and side effects when used. The fact that more receptors other than the MC-1R are at work with this hormone makes it more potent. Among the receptors that it binds with include MT-II which is for aphrodisiac functions and the MC-3R and MC-4R.

For a given concentration of weight, there is bound to be more Melanotan peptides than there would be of afamelanotide. This means that because you require only a certain number of binding for the skin tan or even sex arousal, the quantity of M2 is definitely supposed to be much less than that of afamelanotide. In effect, this leads to the high difference in the dosages required for the respective hormones. M2 is supposed to be a mere fraction of the quantity of the afamelanotide required. 


The main difference between these hormones can be summarized not only by the molecular formula but also by their respective side effects. Both of the peptides will make you have white rashes, skin pigmentation, nausea, headache, lethargy, dizziness, hyper-pigmentation, new mole pigmentation, itching, flushing, and loss of appetite. However, Melanotan II will have additional side effects such as anaphylactic shock, increased libido, and physical sexual arousal. With the use of afamelanotide, you will only experience mild side effects, but with the M2, the side effects will be pronounced.